The launch of a partnership between the Living Waters Phuket (LWP) Foundation and Chris Parker from Retired Working For You (RW4U), will now allow the community “Pay It Forward” initiative to advance to the next level.

Firstly, we wanted to wish you, your families, and your friends a very Happy Songkran. This is the biggest holiday of the year; the Thai New Year, and this YouTube video is coming at you from Koh Samui today. Here, the island started to get a little busier and the Songkran build up made a noticeable impact. Although this year once again sees slightly muted Songkran celebrations, the meaning of the festivities is all about celebrating happiness, being thankful and appreciative – and this is what the Pay It Forward initiative is all around too.

Pay It Forward

Chris Parker from Retired Working For You has used his YouTube Channel to give back to Thai communities. After being welcomed here for over 25 years, Chris wanted to use his Pay It Forward projects as a way of giving back.

These videos are made to help change lives and create a positive difference here in Thailand, spreading love across a country that is special to many of us. You can watch some Pay If Forward Videos on the new donation website here.

These community videos were previously funded with YouTube money, and RW4U received a lot of inquiries on how to donate in the past, but this wasn’t an option as they are not a registered charity. So, they have now teamed up with Living Waters Phuket; a registered Thai Foundation and US Charity, to allow for easy donation options, with local Thai, online, and US banking options.

Living Waters Phuket Foundation

Living Waters Phuket Foundation was set up to build brighter futures for communities in need by helping to raise awareness and provide funding to charities and foundations; enabling them to fulfill projects or provide relief aid to underprivileged communities in Phuket and across Thailand.

Collaborating To Enable Donations

LWP and RW4U developed an online donation facility powered by Living Waters Phuket to allow people to donate directly to the Pay It Forward projects. Please visit the site to find out all the details including how you can donate via Weeboon, Thai bank account, US bank account or a US check account.

Registered Charity Donations

Every single Baht donated will go into the hands of those that need help. No fees will be deducted from your donation. These donations are now possible with the help of Living Waters Phuket; a registered Thai Foundation and US Charity and will help grow the Pay It Forward initiative.

You can donate as much or as little as you can; 100% of donations will go directly into the hands of Pay It Forward recipients. It is fully transparent, so on the site, you will be able to see exactly how much has been raised, how much each Pay It Forward initiative funded, plus you will now receive a receipt for your donation meaning that it is tax-deductible.

Help Pay It Forward

Visit our donation site to help us grow and help more Thai communities. Donations are always appreciated but never expected, and both LWP and RW4U want to thank you all in advance for your support in helping spread the love across Thailand and give back to those who really need it.

Get Involved

In May, Chris Parker will be featuring some of your own videos in his new feature. All you need to do is make a short (under 10 seconds please) video in landscape mode. Shoot a video of yourself telling us your name and favorite place in Thailand – that’s it! For example, “My name is Chris and my favorite place in Thailand is Koh Samui”. Email your star video by Sunday 17th April to: [email protected]

Stay tuned, and thanks to the new collaboration, Pay It Forward is now able to grow bigger and better with your help. Thank you for being part of this community journey.

From Living Waters Phuket, Retired Working For You and 5 Star Marine.


Shaun Stenning is a founding member of Living Waters Phuket. After spending 2 years purchasing, packing and delivering Life Bags Shaun Stenning and his family set up Living Waters Phuket to further there efforts in supporting the Phuket and wider Thailand Community.