Providing relief via grants to support sustainable solutions to food security, education and the environment


Living Waters Phuket is a new NGO Foundation, which was set up to help raise awareness and provide funding to registered charities and foundations, in order for them to fulfil projects or relief aid to underprivileged communities.

What We Do

Living Waters is the first united Foundation in Phuket; aiming to bring together the efforts of registered charities, foundations, government organisations and private businesses. Grants will be awarded to community groups, Not-For-Profit organisations (NFPOs) and individuals who want to bridge a gap by finding solutions to sustainable food security, education, renewable energy and environmental issues. Our independent board of advisors will review each grant application objectively, fairly and impartially.

Our independent board, consisting of Thai Nationals and non-Thai Nationals will review each request objectively, fairly and impartially. Funding will be granted around the following areas:

  • Education
  • Sustainable Emergency Food Relief
  • Aiding Disadvantaged or Underprivileged Communities

Projects Funded

  • 5 Star Marine Food Relief Life Bags

  • Phuket Has Been Good To Us (PHBGTU) Charity

  • Kathu Wittaya School Sustainable Farming Project

Our History

Shaun Stenning (CEO and Founder of 5 Star Marine) and his team have been diligently running their ‘Life Bags’ food donation programme for over 20 months. Their dedication towards the most vulnerable communities across Phuket and the surrounding islands has been an undeniably essential effort, and has seen staggering and non-stop weekly funding, sourcing, packing and delivery efforts take place. They have continued this relief aid throughout the pandemic, and continued despite multiple restrictions stopping volunteers helping to pack supplies; during which 5 Star Marine and Sutai Muay Thai solely took over packing efforts to keep the deliveries going.

Living Waters Phuket was a natural extension of these efforts; so, it was the perfect fit when 5 Star Marine founded and funded this new Foundation. Living Waters Phuket will provide a strategic, long term and sustainable ongoing Foundation to continue to provide relief via funds for projects where it is needed most.


The Living Waters Phuket Foundation works to combine the efforts of registered charities, foundations, private companies and government organisations. It will provide strong and credible aid by supporting projects around essential relief areas. The Foundation will issue financial grants to projects which fit the application criteria, assessed in a fair and impartial manner.