Providing relief via grants to support sustainable solutions to food security, education and the environment


Living Waters Phuket Foundation (Foundation ID PK3/2565 – LWPF), was established in late 2021 to help charities, foundations and government organisations. It was set up to provide financial grants, enabling essential relief aid to underprivileged communities across Thailand.

LWPF operates both community projects and provides funding for existing relief projects. All team members are volunteers; working towards building brighter futures for those in need.

Founder, Shaun Stenning, set the precedent when LWPF was founded that it would be like no other foundation or charity. All money raised goes directly to the communities in need.


What We Do

Our Foundation is dedicated to building brighter futures for disadvantaged communities across Thailand.

We help by awarding financial grants which assist in funding essential relief projects (including sustainable food security, education requirements, renewable energy and environmental issues) in Phuket, Koh Samui and across Thailand.

Our Foundation has also completed a number of ‘Back to School’ projects, getting children back into education by funding supplies, teaching, IT equipment and even Covid-19 test kids. We constantly look for more ways to improve learning and life experiences such as supplying clean drinking water to schools, improving sanitation or replacing school infrastructures, etc.

  • Emergency Food Relief
  • Aiding Disadvantaged or Underprivileged Communities
  • Sustainable Community Relief
  • Renewable Energy
  • Environmental Issues
  • Education Requirements


Every single donation makes a difference, no matter the amount your contribution will be greatly appreciated. We guarantee that 100% will go directly to the most vulnerable communities.

We are a registered Thai Foundation and US Charity with Equivalency Determination (ED) certification. This means that all donations are fully transparent, and you can receive a receipt for your donation meaning that it is tax deductible.

To make a direct donation, please contact us on [email protected] and we will get right back to you. Thank you in advance for your support.

Our History

Our History

Shaun Stenning (CEO and Founder of 5 Star Marine) and his team have been diligently running their ‘Life Bags’ food donation programme for over 20 months. Their dedication towards the most vulnerable communities across Phuket and the surrounding islands has been an undeniably essential effort, and has seen staggering and non-stop weekly funding, sourcing, packing and delivery efforts take place. They have continued this relief aid throughout the pandemic, and continued despite multiple restrictions stopping volunteers helping to pack supplies; during which 5 Star Marine and Sutai Muay Thai solely took over packing efforts to keep the deliveries going.

Living Waters Phuket was a natural extension of these efforts; so, it was the perfect fit when 5 Star Marine founded and funded this new Foundation. Living Waters Phuket will provide a strategic, long term and sustainable ongoing Foundation to continue to provide relief via funds for projects where it is needed most.


The Living Waters Phuket Foundation works to combine the efforts of registered charities, foundations, private companies and government organisations. It will provide strong and credible aid by supporting projects around essential relief areas. The Foundation will issue financial grants to projects which fit the application criteria, assessed in a fair and impartial manner.