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July Highlights:

“As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.” — Paul Shane Spear

This has been another busy month behind the scenes at Living Waters Phuket Latest News (LWPF). Work continues to support existing projects, and to seek out new ones requiring help. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that progress is still being made since we stopped the life bags initiative, albeit in a different direction. Even if we only make a difference to the life of one person, that person has broken the barrier to a brighter future. In turn, this benefits their family and can spread into the wider community.

This month, of particular note, are Seeds Of Change (SOC), featuring in a Chris Parker, ‘Pay It Forward’ video, plus a grant given for University Scholarships to Phuket International Women’s Club (PIWC). We have to thank Chris Parker for taking the time to film here. SOC was his subject this time and he filmed at the Sewing Centre in Phuket Town, where graduating students received their certificates. LWPF is currently working on a scholarship scheme with SOC, so future students will get a small income while they study. This we hope will enable and encourage more students to sign up for training.

Filming moved to the wonderful Novotel Phuket Kata Avista Resort & Spa. Here products made by the students and others at the Sewing Centre, are sold to hotel guests and the general public in the dedicated SOC shop. Regular workshops are also run by SOC in the hotel and here, with the assistance of SOC staff and students hotel guests and the public can make bracelets or even bring a pre-cut out elephant to life by stuffing it. A great souvenir to take home and spread the word about the work of SOC.

SOC supply their products to various locations around the island, including the exclusive Banyan Tree Hotel shop and their first outlet, Phuket Nature Elephant Reserve. Filming concluded here with a new consignment of elephants being delivered for sale. It was heart-warming to hear how one student started training last November, and now qualified she is training other students, runs the hotel shop and is extremely talented. Her daughter is now a student and is proving equally talented as her mother. Just one example how making a difference to the life of one person will in time not just benefit that person only, but many others.

Education is key to helping people break the poverty barrier. LWPF has been working on education projects from preschool through to vocational studies. Now we are very excited to be working at the University level. A grant has just been awarded to a new partner PIWC. This is for 5 students to study at Rajbhat University. Often regarded as ‘ladies who lunch’, PIWC ladies prefer to be known as, ‘friends with purpose’. Members come from all over the world, including Thailand. One of the oldest charity groups on the island, since 1989 they have been on a mission to create, ‘Better Futures for Local Children’.

Over the years, around 1500 scholarships at all levels have been awarded. Identified as in economic need and with academic potential, disadvantaged children from around Phuket go through a rigorous annual selection process. Once a scholarship is awarded, a dedicated PIWC team is there to support them throughout their studies. With the support of PIWC, scholarship recipients have gone on to work in medicine, both human and animal, tourism, finance, marketing, design, engineering, teaching and more. Many then give back through donations and their time at PIWC events.

Scholarship funds are raised from memberships, events, and donors. Unfortunately, due to the Pandemic, these funds have been in jeopardy, risking a decline in the number of scholarships on offer. With the LWPF grant, this academic year PIWC will be able to offer 5 university scholarships. These students as well as benefiting personally, will be agents for change in their communities.

Approved Funded Projects:

  1. PWIC Scholarships

Payment in full has been made for 5x higher education scholarships. Now PWIC is identifying students to receive these.

  1. iCare Thailand x 2 Projects

The structure is complete and fit-out has commenced on the 1st dormitory, and Grant application is approved, work to commence soon on the 2nd. These new school dormitories give children facing a 6 – 7 KM trek a safe place to stay while they study. They will serve the Huai Poo Kaeng, a marginalized long-necked Karen Hilltribe community located in Mae Hong Son.

  1. Baan Na Yai School

Work is nearing completion and computers have been ordered now to convert existing structures into an IT lab and library.

  1. The Red Cross Phuket

This project saw funding to assist those with mobility issues for 1,800 wheelchairs for use in hospitals, clinics and vaccination centres. A further 815 wheelchairs were received in June, making the total to date 1,015. Distribution by the Red Cross has commenced.

  1. Seeds of Change

Invoice financing payment made to enable a large order for a hotel in Phuket to be completed

Completed Projects:

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