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Living Waters Phuket Foundation continued with the packing and distribution of their Life Bags as usual again this week; helping some of the most in-need communities with basic staple supplies and helping to make a difference to those in critical situations.

It has been a busy time, with 5 projects currently underway, which does not include the completed or application stage proposals. With the online application process, there are several projects which are being considered for potential funding also.

Networking With Community Leaders Update:

This week, the Foundation had a notable meeting with the Governor of Phuket to discuss future project requirements, including focussing on where the needs are greatest at present on the island. There will be further follow-up and new meetings with notable community leaders after the new year.

Food Security Update:

Life Bag Packing / Distribution Update

  • Last week, there were packing and delivery sessions on both Thursday and Friday in the run up to the weekend
  • Life bags and Christmas toys were additionally packed and delivered on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st December
  • A further pack and delivery effort was held just prior to Christmas on Thursday 23rd December
  • These Life Bags and Christmas toys were distributed across Phuket’s local communities who are identified as being on the at risk list


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Marketing Highlights:

The Phuket News will publish a ¾ page Press Release detailing all the Foundation’s work in the last 6 weeks. This will be published in the physical newspaper and online on Christmas eve.

Funding Application Update:

The Foundation has received a smaller number of proposed projects in the last week and is currently considering new grant applications from organizations around child safety, education, and sustainability.

Approved Projects in Progress:

  • Wheelchair Assistance Initiative

This project saw funding for Administration purposes from our Foundation with purchase funding from The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints to purchase 1,800 wheelchairs for The Red Cross Phuket for use in hospitals, clinics and vaccination centers across Thailand to assist those with mobility issues. This project is in process and the wheelchairs are being distributed and tracked.

  • Education Assistance

The Board has awarded funding for educational opportunities for HIV-positive Thai Children at the Life Home Project.

  • Disadvantaged Students Project

The Foundation will provide funding to allow for 500 disadvantaged students to gain access to a computer lab, for Phuket Has Been Good To Us.  This is a joint project with The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.

  • Under Privileged Children

Living Waters Phuket Foundation has approved funding for the provision of portable water for 300 students at the Coconut Island School, as well as critical equipment for the school’s kitchen including a fridge, freezer, and fans.  This is a joint project with The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.

  • Sustainable Farming and Food Production

The Kathu Wittaya School’s phase 2 fully funded project is around 90% complete and is expected to be finished before the year-end. This is around sustainable education for farming and food production and the provision of buildings to help store and sell the food from phase 1.


Completed Projects:

  • Super Life Bags

This completed project was the largest single order of life bag supplies in Phuket in the last 21 months and saw over 8,700 large life bags packed and completed for delivery to Phuket and the surrounding areas, helped by Government officials and 5 Star Marine.


  • Kathu Wittya School

The Sustainable Education on Farming and Food Production (phase 1) is completed. This long-term initiative was designed around teaching almost 1,000 children how to farmland using proven Thai techniques and processes in order to produce and harvest food.


  • The Good Shepherd

The project for The Good Shepherd for Solar Panel Installation for the Good Shepherd Phuket Town (GSPT) Learning Centre is now completed.


  • Phuket Has Been Good To Us

Living Waters Phuket Foundation completed this project to fund and provide brand new IT equipment for over 500 disadvantaged children for the school. This project helped teachers, volunteers, and administrators to be able to deliver their English classes more effectively and efficiently.

Weekly Summary

As we move over Christmas and into the new year, Living Waters Phuket Foundation remains entirely dedicated to helping the most vulnerable, nurturing community relationships, and understanding where urgent assistance is needed.

We continue to support our community, allowing them to build brighter futures for themselves, their families, and communities; and with this, we wish you and your families a happy and healthy New Year.


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Shaun Stenning is a founding member of Living Waters Phuket. After spending 2 years purchasing, packing and delivering Life Bags Shaun Stenning and his family set up Living Waters Phuket to further there efforts in supporting the Phuket and wider Thailand Community.