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Life Bag packing and distribution continued in the past week into the local community as well as distributing larger-sized Life Boxes which were donated by AustCham Thailand.

During the last week, the Foundation closed off and completed their 3rd grant; the installation of the solar panels for The Good Shepherd School.

We were thrilled that NBC Universal came to meet with Living Waters Phuket to interview and understand our work further, and we look forward to this being shared beyond our current audience.

Networking With Community Leaders Update:

1. We discussed the phase 2 project around sustainable farming education for the Kathu Wittaya School with the School Director.

2. The Foundation had an important meeting with the President of the Phuket Red Cross concerning a large-scale project to provide wheelchairs for those in need across the Kingdom.

3. A meeting was held with the Governor and the President of the Phuket Red Cross regarding the needs of over 40 schools across who have over 600 disadvantaged students unable to attend school without financial aid to buy uniforms and books.

Food Security Update:

Life Bag Packing / Distribution Update

1. On Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd December, 1,500 Life Bags were packed as part of the ongoing food relief project that we have been operating

2. 1,500 Life Bags were delivered across Phuket and its local communities

3. All 180 of the AustCham Life Boxes were delivered to Chalong, Bangtao, and Mai Khao on Sunday 5th, Monday 6th, and Tuesday 7th December


The Foundation’s Weeboon account is set up and taking donations for our sustainable, community projects. Weekly updates on initiatives will be provided. Please follow the link to donate:


Latest Aid / Grant News:

Kathu Wittya School

  • The Sustainable Education on Farming and Food Production project grant for phase 2 has been approved. This is for the construction of buildings to store produce and a shop front from which to sell.

The Good Shepherd

  • The grant for The Good Shepherd for Solar Panel Installation for the Good Shepherd Phuket Town (GSPT) Learning Centre was completed on Friday 10th December.

Life Home Project

  • The Board has approved the funding for educational opportunities for HIV-positive Thai Children. Funding for the grant will take place on 15th December.

Tambon Phunai Koh Yao Yai

  • Funding has been approved for 25 orphan students to attend school for the next 12 months.

Funding Application Update:

The Foundation is considering a number of new grant applications it has received, including those for the Coconut Island School, The Red Cross Phuket, Phuket Has Been Good To Us, Scholars of Sustenance, and The Good Shepherd Phuket Town, among others.

Weekly Summary

Living Waters Phuket Foundation continued to pack and distribute Life Bags, along with larger Life Boxes which were donated by AustCham. We are pleased to announce that 3 grants have been fully completed (Super Life Bags donation; PHBGTU new IT equipment; Kathy Wittaya phase 1 sustainable farming project). 

We continued, at the same time to nurture community relationships and media opportunities to get our message and purpose out there, as well as discuss projects in need of urgent assistance.


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Shaun Stenning is a founding member of Living Waters Phuket. After spending 2 years purchasing, packing and delivering Life Bags Shaun Stenning and his family set up Living Waters Phuket to further there efforts in supporting the Phuket and wider Thailand Community.