Funded Projects

BanYa Literacy – ATK Tests For Back To School

Living Waters Phuket is proud to have been able to efficiently support local projects in record turnaround times (this project went from grant application to funding and completion in under 1 week!)

The Good Shepherd BanYa Literacy and Learning Centre in Phuket needed funding to purchase ATK test kits for over 400 children in order for testing to take place to allow the school to finally reopen. Living Waters Phuket fully supports educational requirements to help children return to school, and helps support opportunities for children to gain an education no matter what their situation is.

Donna Toon reached out to Living Waters Phuket and the Foundation immediately got the ball rolling to help with getting this project underway. A grant was applied for online, (the Foundation’s independent board of advisors review each grant application they receive objectively, fairly and impartially), and funding was approved the very next day.

A few days later the ATK kits were delivered, school children and staff were tested and the school was able to open up – From a community need highlighted, to project completion in under a week; a rapid and successful project completed for everyone involved.

Shaun Stenning, CEO of 5 Star Marine was pleased to report “This is exactly the type of work I started Living Waters Phuket for; to help people in our community who need it the most. In just under 4 months since establishing this Foundation, we are more than proud that our operations can assist vulnerable projects in efficiently quick turnaround times – this is something that is vital, in some cases every single day saved can make a huge difference.”

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