Based in Phuket, Thailand, Shaun Stenning is a skilled businessman and a devoted member of his community whose professional focus currently resides in uplifting his neighbors and empowering his fellow residents of Thailand. A pillar of Shaun Stenning’s philosophy is that it is the personal responsibility of each individual to use our success, wealth, and position in life in order to help lift those less fortunate than ourselves. This is why one of his primary goals – and true passions – in life is to lift up the local Phuket community by providing them with the resources that they need to be personally successful. 

One of the primary ways that Shaun Stenning focuses on giving back to his community is through his work with Living Waters Phuket Foundation (LWPF), which he founded in 2021. LWPF works with government organizations, charities, and foundations to provide Thailand’s underprivileged communities with financial grants to enable crucial relief aid efforts. Shaun has distinguished himself and LWPF within the nonprofit and charitable sectors with his founding commitment to put all money raised directly into the communities that need it most. In his professional and personal life, Shaun Stenning likes to recall his favorite quote whenever times get rough: “This too shall pass.” Life can throw some pretty trying things our way, but Shaun uses this quote to remember that everything is temporary, even the pain. We don’t know how we will wake up tomorrow feeling, so rather than suffer at the moment, remind yourself that the moment will pass. He hopes to instill the same mentality in others to help them persevere, even during rough times.

Founder, Shaun Stenning, set the precedent when LWPF was founded that it would be like no other foundation or charity. All money raised goes directly to the communities in need.