Each and every week we take the time to write up all the activities that Living Waters Phuket has been busy getting their teeth into, and just reading it makes me feel exhausted. We have a number of large-scale projects in progress right now, from packing Life Bags for communities in need and delivering clean water to school children on Coconut Island to funding an IT Lab for underprivileged children plus so much more.

All of these vital community projects take both time and money. As a Foundation we took a stand when we started that not a single person working for Living Waters Phuket would receive any kind of financial compensation; but of course, would benefit from the great sense of pride and gratitude felt by helping those most in need.

So, when a volunteer drives to deliver our Life Bags, it’s on fuel that they purchased; when they fill in and review a grant application it is on their time; when they help our partners install water systems it is on their time and efforts.

We wanted to be a Foundation like no other. We didn’t want overheads; we didn’t want administration costs and we wanted every single baht donated to go directly to the people that needed it.

When this Pandemic changed the world 2 years ago, that is where it all started, and that is how we plan to run it moving forward. However, as you can imagine, with this comes a lot of thanks that is needed to be expressed. We give thanks to our volunteers, people like Pete and Nina driving all over the island implementing projects.

We thank K. Zeera for organizing with the village chiefs, OrBorTors, and more. We say thanks to Amy and Nando for always being there and showing up at our projects to inspect them. We need to thank the 5 Star Marine team for tirelessly packing, storing, and delivering Life Bags every week.

Living Waters Phuket is nothing without its volunteers and more importantly without its donors. 5 Star Marine is still the major source of donations but we regularly receive help from other locals, international companies, and the like.

We wish to take today to THANK YOU ALL!

Shaun Stenning is a founding member of Living Waters Phuket. After spending 2 years purchasing, packing and delivering Life Bags Shaun Stenning and his family set up Living Waters Phuket to further there efforts in supporting the Phuket and wider Thailand Community.