Funded Projects

The Red Cross Back To School

The Red Cross ‘Back to School’ initiative was a partnership between Living Waters Phuket and the Red Cross. The LWP Foundation provided equipment necessary to allow for 390 students across 13 schools in Phuket, to get back to school.

Prior to this funding project, these students were unable to attend school as they did not have uniforms, school supplies, funds for transportation and the minimal fee to go to school.

Living Waters Phuket are pleased to announce that as a direct result of this funding, there are now 390 students back in school from January 2022. This funding was a repeat of the project which Living Waters Phuket aided in December 2021 for the same number of children.

This type of funding is critical to allow children the right to go to school and be offered an education for a brighter future. However, this is an ongoing problem with parents out of work and therefore unable to send their children to schools. Home schooling is not an option because they do not have access to online school due to a lack of devices and access.

The Thai Red Cross Society (TRCS) endeavours to alleviate human suffering, promote international humanitarian law, and provide health services to the most vulnerable among children, women and the elderly. It strives to build a dynamic and innovative organization with the assistance of volunteers, youth and provincial chapters to enhance its services and improve its capacity to reach vulnerable people in times of need.

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