Since 2003, Shaun has been working as an investor, operating on his own to offer financial support. In April of 2009, Shaun Stenning opened 5 Star Marine, where he currently serves as an Investor, Founder, and CEO of Phuket’s largest Private VIP Speedboat business. Visitors to the islands can take in the natural scenery and explore the region, and with the help of 5 Star Marine’s expertise, affordability, flexibility, and safety, you can truly plan an unforgettable experience.

Since opening 5 Star Marine, Shaun has grown the business from a single speedboat into an ever-expanding fleet that currently consists of 15 fully-customized private VIP Speedboats and Luxury Cruisers, each of which is TAT SHA Plus approved. Designed with the highest level of comfort in mind, you can book these boats for a day or multi-night trip to one of 5 Star Marine’s unforgettable destinations. Currently, visitors can book a private boat tour to Phi Phi Islands, James Bond Island, Krabi Islands, Raya Islands, and Khai Islands, with custom boat tours available for those looking for more of an adventure. With 5 Star Marine, Shaun Stenning and the team can help you snorkel in crystal clear reefs and relax on white sandy beaches or get up close and personal with some of nature’s coolest creatures on a dolphin spotting tour.

As a professional, Shaun abides by the mentality that it is each person’s responsibility to use their success, wealth, and position to help those less fortunate. Outside of his work in investing and tourism, Shaun Stenning puts his entrepreneurial talents to good use through his foundation, Living Waters Phuket Foundation (LWPF). Founded by Shaun in 2021, LWPF provides funding and financial grants to enable essential relief aid to underprivileged communities and works with charities, foundations, and government organizations to fund existing and future relief projects.

With nearly 20 completed projects and another half-dozen approved, the Foundation is able to provide relief via funds where it’s needed most. Some services include assistance with educational requirements, environmental issues, sustainable community relief, renewable energy, emergency food relief, and aiding disadvantaged and underprivileged communities. LWPF provides strong and credible aid by supporting projects focused on providing aid. Additionally, LWPF was responsible for the single largest food relief effort during the COVID-19 pandemic.