Funded Projects

Seeds of Change Sewing Skills Development

Seeds of Change (SOC) was founded in 2013, as a project under the umbrella of the Good Shepherd Home Foundation Phuket Sister Euphrasia.

At the start, expat volunteers taught migrant pregnant women the basics of sewing, in order to give them opportunities to make small clothe items for themselves and their unborn babies. Fabrics used have mainly been recycled or reclaimed, including old staff uniforms, fabric sample books and cut offs from local shops.

By 2016, SOC became self sufficient by making and selling small items such as dog collars, keychains and totes. Items made are sold through the Good Shepherd Home Foundation Phuket Thrift Shop or markets to help support underprivileged students.

Although basic improvements were made around 9 years ago, including some new furniture, sewing supplies and 2 basic machines; they required funding to help further their sewing skills new vocational training project.

Living Waters Phuket (LWP) Foundation funded and delivered much needed new sewing machines in March 2022, to the Vocational Sewing Centre, located at Good Shepherd Migrant Work Centre Phuket (GMSW).

This initiative aligns with LWP values, as it provides employment alternatives and skills development for young Thai or migrant people. SOC can now continue to provide free vocational training for all teenage candidates from St. Euphrasia BanYa and this project gives young people an alternative to learn a new skill set, which is vital when migrant teenagers are faced with limited career options.

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