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Another busy week for the Living Waters Phuket Foundation team, bringing together our Board of Advisors for the first time and working with local Government officials to deliver our community projects.

Meetings and Networking Update:

  •    Meetings were held with the President of the Red Cross, Muang District Chief, Sub-District Chief, and Village Chiefs. This           was to coordinate the distribution and delivery of the Super Life Bag to the community.
  •   The team met with Nathan Young to discuss a Christmas project around children’s toys donations.
  •   The Muang District Chief met with Living Waters Phuket on Volunteer Opportunities.
  •   Meeting with Coconut Island Village Chief on the school and water purification project.

Grant and Project Activities Updates:

Super Life Bag Pack Distribution

Government officials and 5 Star Marine distributed these essential food relief aid packages to the following areas and villages in the last week:

  •   Kathu District (comprising of 19 villages)
  •   Patong (comprising of 3 villages)
  •   Chalong (comprising of 9 villages)
  •   Rawai (comprising of 4 villages)
  •   Baan Phara (comprising of 8 villages)
  •   Kalim (comprising of 2 villages)
  •   Thasak (comprising of 1 village


Life Bag Packing Update

More Life Bags have been packed with the help of international schools across Phuket, namely:

  •  Parents from HeadStart International School packed 1,000 life bags which were delivered on Sunday 14th
  •  Supplies for a further 1,000 life bag packs were delivered to UWCT on Thursday 18th November for Service Learning students to organize and pack on Saturday 20th,


Social Media Highlight:

Last week Chris Parker from Retired Working For You, returned to Phuket and joined the Living Waters Phuket Foundation team to create a viral YouTube video. This has already reached over 30,000 views (within 5 days of being posted) and covered the latest updates on the Super Life Bag packing efforts as well as the launch of Living Waters Phuket Foundation,


Latest Aid / Grant News:

Phuket Has Been Good To Us

  •   The Living Waters Phuket foundation has funded the application to purchase new IT equipment in order to be able to deliver their English classes for free to over 500 disadvantaged children.
  •   A grant request has been received to sponsor an English Teacher for 6 months to help with this organization’s efforts with underprivileged children.

Coconut Island Water Purification Project

  •   On Thursday 18th November, an engineer made the site visit to Coconut Island, meeting with the village chief and the head of school. This was in response to discussions previously by Shaun Stenning, to look at solutions to the urgent need for clean drinking water and a water purification project.

Weekly Summary:

The Foundation continued to foster relationships in the community while distributing and packing efforts continued on the Super Life Bags. We also received a number of projects we can research for potential future funding and aid.


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