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Koh Samui Life Bag Project

In March 2022, Living Waters Phuket continued its efforts to support vulnerable communities in need, this time moving beyond the Phuket and Phang Nga areas and into the communities in Koh Samui.

This made up one of the latest large scale food relief donation and was made possible by LWP purchasing supplies, packing and also delivering over 1,800 ‘super’ life bags (supporting around 7,200 people) across Koh Samui. This collaborative and involved initiative took place over a 3 day period starting from mid-March, and marked the first of numerous planned aid projects on this island from LWP.

Named the ‘super’ life bag, because each one contained enough staple food items and household products to feed a family of 4 people for an entire week. They included dried and tinned foods such as rice, noodles and fish, as well as oils, sauces and cleaning household products.

“After visiting Koh Samui, meeting with community leaders and talking with villages our opinion is that Koh Samui is roughly 9 months behind Phuket on the recovery timeline,” commented Shaun Stenning from Living Waters Phuket. “Many shops are still closed, hotels are operating at very low occupancy rates and the community is in need.  While we will still continue our operations in Phuket, we feel it’s time to reach out to other tourism destinations such as Koh Samui.”

The execution was a collaborative effort between Living Waters Phuket and the local community leaders in Koh Samui. Namely, Mr Muensilp Poolsawat (Advisor to the Koh Samui Mayor) who proved essential in helping with logistics including identifying families most in need of assistance, due to the economic impact of Covid-19 on this island; another tourism dependant destination.

Over 300 local community members who also received the food relief, lent a helping hand by packing these supplies which will helped to feed over 7,200 people in Koh Samui. Chris Parker from Retired Working For You helped make this initiative come to life, having undertaken multiple community relief projects on this island previously, his input was greatly appreciated.

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