Funded Projects

Kathu Wittaya School Sustainable Farming Project Phase 1

The Living Waters Phuket Foundation issued a financial grant to support a sustainable farming and food production education programme for the Kathu Wittaya School.

This long-term initiative was designed around teaching almost 1,000 children about the process of producing and harvesting food. In addition, the food grown is being donated to a local orphanage to support the community further.

This initiative aims to give these children the lifelong skills to be self-sufficient and take this knowledge back to their communities in the hope of a better and more sustainable future.

These sorts of projects are critical to a more strategic, longer term solution for the issues children are facing on the island. Educating children and adults on farming and food production is something that they will have for life and in future could make the difference in their ability to sustain themselves or not.

Living Waters Phuket Foundation – Building Brighter Futures