Funded Projects

Kathu Wittaya School Sustainable Farming and Food Production Phase 2

Phase 1 of this project saw The Living Waters Phuket Foundation issue a financial grant to support a sustainable farming and food production education programme for the school.

Stage 1 was designed around teaching almost 1,000 children about the process of producing and harvesting food and aimed to give these children the lifelong skills to be self-sufficient and take this knowledge back to their communities in the hope of a better and more sustainable future.

Phase 2 built on this project, and extended the funding for the provision of buildings to help store and sell the food from the phase 1 project. The school teachers and students were hands on with building a storefront and storage area for all of the farmed products that they are producing.

The concept behind it is to teach the students the entire farm to table process.  This is an inspiring and the first of its kind project here in Phuket.

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