Funded Projects

Baan Lung Pitak Day Care Centre Assistance

The Living Waters Phuket Foundation approved a grant and started works within just one week on much needed and long overdue repairs to facilities at the Baan Lung Pitak Day Care Centre.

Originally built in 1996 for children of prisoners (in the now closed prison next door), this care centre is a safe place for young children during weekdays. Up to 50 children come from nearby slums and construction sites between 8am – 4pm, enabling their parents to go out to work.

The financial grant covered works for a new school roof, which had previously been in poor condition and leaking. It also covered kitchen upgrades including new windows, a newly installed extractor fan and a new refrigerator; all helping to provide a safer environment for the children aged 2-5 years who attend every week day.

As well as being the start of their social and educational journey the children are given snacks prepared onsite and are showered before nap time. This grant will allow for the Centre to be a safer and healthier place for these very young children to spend their days.

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